About me

My wonderful friends

I’m glad to see you in my space of love, joy, acceptance and harmony!
In every moment «here and now» I deeper and stronger feel the fullness and beauty of such a perfect universe! And we are my friends was created beautiful
and unique.  We all have own special way and perfect body!!!!!
So! Exactly through the body we begin the way to self-real and unique. Our own bodies stay with us for all life. And we have to
love own body like no other, care and give attention. What a pleasure to hear, to see, to touch and feel all that there is!!!!
1) The gift to hear: — music, sounds, words, birds, singing, wind noise, speaks, sing, laugh, love.
2) The gift of see: -to see the world, the people’s who you love, cinema, sky, eyes, colors of the world, beauty of the world.
3) The gift of touch: -touch of love, hugs, kisses, food, Parfums, fragrances, you can reach up with your hands to the beauty of the world.
4) The gift of feeling: -round, solid, soft, silk, hot, cold, nice-no nice, tenderness, passion, emotions, sex, love, to love.

I’m convinced that people whatever they doing — if they happy in what they do — it’s a very special energy and special state of mind, soul, body which attracts people’s!!!!
I’m so happy that I have been given the gift to feel, to dance, to hear music, to learn, to be coach, to give pleasure, to open femininity and sexuality, to fill and be filled with love through the movements of body.
Every woman through own-self can give love, pleasure, acceptance, reposes, peace, tenderness, passion, care, affection, sympathy,
healing! About fullness women and soul aspirations we will talk later, now specifically in this article we’re talking
about body and its capabilities and needs. We’re looking at ourselves through the eyes of loving person.

Our favorite body:
— able to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, to feel, to know.
— receptive to affection, tenderness, care, passion, love, joy, acceptance, pleasure, satisfaction, praise, respecting.
— like the smells, sounds, presents, touching, feelings.
From this moment we will dive deeper and deeper in our bodies and will discover new sides and opportunities!
Let’s go together with me my friends!!!!!

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